• Save the date - Thursday, October 12, 2017!!!



  • What: Exclusive Business Only Event!

    When: Thursday, October 12, 2017, 4:00-8:00 pm

    Host:  Tioga County Chamber of Commerce

    Description: We will help you “Tailgate Your Way to Talent.”

    By sharing a compilation of various business resources, we will help you tackle business in a new way!

    Who should attend? Business people, people with professional associations and non-profit agencies

    Why:  Our game plan has changed. We have dropped back to punt!

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  • We are now on the no huddle offense so you won’t stand around. You will play with other business teams and the end zone is better business!


    We have huddled for many hours to develop the winning plays. You will learn, compete, cooperate, network, eat, move, and your team will want to replay next year. You will pre-game with other teams, coaches, announcers, referees, tailgaters, and have lots of fun and games!


    (This will not be the place where the public comes to refill their pen supply!)


  • Tailgate_Event_Pennant-resized.jpg
  • The Tioga County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce a new event that will help businesses and their employees cultivate strong economic and personal relationships.  “Tailgate Your Way to Talent” sponsored by Tioga State Bank will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 4-8pm at the Owego Treadway Banquet and Conference Center. The goal of this gathering is to disseminate resources and impart business knowledge that is pertinent to all levels of staff, while having fun.  The tailgate theme lends itself well to playfulness with games, food, drinks, team building, and there will be “timeouts” where short presentations of useful information will be provided. At the end of the event all attendees will receive a packet of resources that encompasses what they learned.

    The purpose of this offering is to provide face-to-face, personal interaction with a wide variety of businesses and their staff.  Chamber President Gwen Kania states, “People are more likely to do business with someone from another business, if they’ve met.  We are getting a room full of people together to have some fun, to learn, and we will watch what can happen!”

    Business people, people with professional associations and non-profit agencies and their staff are invited to participate. Please register or become a sponsor by contacting the Tioga Chamber at (607) 687-2020.


  • Please put this event on your calendar.


  • for business & professional affiliations only please - not open to the general public